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Flow Street9 BMX - Electric Bike - 250W Black

Flow Street9 BMX - Electric Bike - 250W Black

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Product Description

The Street9 electric BMX from Flow is built to tackle to the complexities of the concrete jungle, ideal for cruising around the streets in style. Finished in Matt Black, the Street9 is the ultimate urban e-Bike. The Street9 is stacked with features including a 10.5Ah Samsung battery, providing a long life, meaning you won't have to worry about your urban adventure being cut short. This bike is equipped with a powerful 250W motor for that extra surge of speed as you dominate trails, skate parks and city streets. This is the perfect electric bike for nostalgic riders, urban adventurers or anyone just wanting to cruise. The Street9 offers a super fun ride, compact lightweight design and an easy ride for any skill level.

Product Specification

Physical Specs:

• Packaging Dimension 123cm x 22cm x 57cm
• Assembled Dimensions 146cm x 70cm x 100cm (LxWxH)
• Net Weight 17kg
• Gross Weight 20kg
• Water Resistance Motor - IP65
• Computer - IP65
• Frameset Material Hi-Ten Steel
• Max Load 100kg


• Max Speed 25km/h
• Rated Power 250W
• Max Range* 40km
• Driving Wheel Rear

Components & Safety:

• Front Brakes Shimano V Brake
• Rear Brakes Shimano V Brake
• Tyre Pressure 40-65psi
• Tyres 20" x 1.95” Kenda Premium Kiniption Tyre
• Rims 20” 12G x 36H Aluminium Double Wall Rims

• Cranks Lasco 6061 forged alloy 152mm
• Chainring Lasco 42T Anodised Alloy
• Bottom Bracket NECO Sealed Bearings: B910 127.5mm 28.5-68-31
• Headset NECO H148 28.6*44/50*30, H:9.9
• Seat Post Aluminum 25.4mm x 300mm


• Battery Samsung 3500 cell 10.5Ah Lithium-Ion
• Battery Power Capacity 252Wh
• Battery Voltage 24V
• Charger Input Voltage100-240Vac
• Charger Output Voltage 29.4V 2A
• Charging Time 5-6Hrs

• Operating Temp -10C - 40C
• Storage Temp -20C - 45C


The Street9 e-Bike comes with a 12 Month Warranty.

This warranty is valid for the original owner from the date of receipt and covers original defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty covers parts and labour required to maintain your bike in proper working order for 12 months for the following:

Manufacturing defects of the Frame, Handlebars and Forks
Manufacturing defects of the Controller, Motor and Charger
Manufacturing defects of the Battery


This Warranty does not cover wearing parts such as: Handlebar Grips, Tyres, Inner-tubes, Brakes, Brake Pads, Brake Levers, Bearings, Fixings, Buttons, Wheels, Kick-Stands, Plastic Coverings, Cables, Removable Caps, Seals, Screws, Bolts, Paint, Cosmetic Damage and General Wear and Tear.

This warranty does not cover damage, faults or defects which are the result of a failure to follow the instructions in the user manual.


The product or part requested to be repaired or maintained shows signs of mistreatment, neglect, abuse or misuse. There has been improper or inadequate maintenance or storage. The product has been modified. There has been improper assembly, operator error or water damage. The bike has been used for extreme riding, tricks or stunts. Charger/s or component/s not supplied with the product have been used. There are signs of crash damage. There are signs of reckless or intentional damage. The bike is used for business, hire or commercial use.


Orders placed before 12pm weekdays aim to be delivered by the next working day on a next working day service. Once dispatched you’ll receive an email with the tracking details.

Why Choose This Product?

Whether you're commuting, adventuring or both - owning an electric bike doesn't have to cost you a fortune. With a durable design and high quality components used, the savings will continue to come, mile after mile. Invest in a greener future, today!

What are the benefits of owning an e-Bike?

Environmentally Friendly:
e-Bikes produce zero emissions during operation, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles. By choosing an e-Bike, you contribute to reducing air pollution and carbon footprint.

Compared to owning a car or using public transportation, e-Bikes are much more cost-effective. You save on fuel, parking fees, insurance, and maintenance expenses. The initial investment in an e-Bike pays off in the long run through reduced commuting costs.

Health and Fitness:
Riding an e-Bike provides an excellent form of low-impact exercise. While the motor assists you in pedalling, you still get to enjoy physical activity, improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness. Plus, it's a fun way to stay active without putting excessive strain on joints.

e-Bikes offer the convenience of faster travel compared to traditional bicycles, especially uphill or over long distances. They enable you to cover more ground with less effort, making commuting and running errands quicker and more efficient.

With an e-Bike, you have the flexibility to choose your route and avoid traffic congestion. You can take shortcuts through bike lanes, paths, or trails that are inaccessible to cars, making your commute more enjoyable and stress-free.

e-Bikes make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. The electric assist feature allows individuals with physical limitations or those recovering from injuries to still enjoy cycling and reap its benefits.

Community and Connectivity:
Riding an e-Bike encourages community engagement and social interaction. You can join group rides, cycling clubs, or meet fellow e-Bike enthusiasts, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Reduced Stress:
Cycling, in general, is known to reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being. The combination of fresh air, physical activity, and the freedom of movement offered by e-Bikes can help alleviate stress and promote a positive mindset.

Parking and Storage:
e-Bikes take up significantly less space than cars, making parking and storage much easier. You can park your e-Bike almost anywhere, whether it's at a designated bike rack, in your garage, or even indoors, saving you time and hassle.

Fun and Enjoyment:
Last but not least, riding an e-Bike is simply enjoyable! Whether you're commuting to work, exploring scenic routes, or embarking on weekend adventures, e-Bikes offer a sense of freedom, excitement, and joy that enhances your overall quality of life.

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