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E-Movement Hunter Extreme - Folding Electric Bike - 250W Black/ Military Green

E-Movement Hunter Extreme - Folding Electric Bike - 250W Black/ Military Green

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Product Description

The Hunter Extreme is not your average e-bike—it's a bold statement of power, versatility, and style. This step-through folding fat tyre electric bike is designed to conquer almost every terrain, combining rugged performance with convenient features catering to all riders. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a casual cyclist, the Hunter electric bike is the ultimate choice for your next ride.

Catering to people of a whole range of heights, weights, and mobility preferences, E-Movement's Hunter Extreme is an e-bike you shouldn't miss. Plus, its dual battery technology can give you a maximum rating of 27A, making it the best long-range electric bike in the UK! And it comes with rugged, fat tyres.

Product Specification

• Brand
e movement

• Model
Hunter Extreme

• Motor Power
250W | 350W | 500W

• Minimum Height
4.8' for 20Ah version, 5.5' for 7Ah and 27Ah

• Battery
48V-7Ah or/and 48V-20Ah Samsung Removable

• Water Resistance
IP 65

• Charger
Input 100-240, Out put 54.6 V, 2 ah, 2.1 mm connector, type “C”

• Display

• Weight (kg)

• Wheel size
20×4 inch

• Tyre type
120 TPI All-Terrain Puncture Resist Tyre

• Inner tube

• Front suspension
Lockable Front Suspension

• Rear suspension

• Throttle
In-built; can be switched off

• Frame type
Step-Through Folding

• Gears
Shimano 7 S/8S

• Folding

• Material
Aluminium 6061

• Colours
Black / Mil green

• Brakes
Hydraulic Disc Brake 160 mm

• Accessories/Kit provided
front light / rear refelector, lock, tool kit, kick stand, fenders, rear rack (subject to availability)

• Max Riders weight kg


Warranty of E-Movement Products:

20. The following warranty periods will apply if your e-movement purchase fulfils all the warranty criteria (mentioned afterwards).
a. All of our electric bikes come with a:
• 1-year or 5000 miles standard warranty for electrical components, whichever comes first
• 4-year or 20,000 miles warranty on the frame, whichever comes first
b. E movement e-Skateboards warrantied for 6 months
c. E movement e-bike batteries are under warranty for one year. The lab decision will be considered final regarding the reason for the fault. Chargers are not covered under warranty.
d. There is NO Warranty on accessories/demos or used products unless specified otherwise on the product page. The Accessories can be returned in 7 days provided they are unused and are undamaged. The warranty will be voided in case of no proof of purchase or the original order details from us.
e. Fenders, front LEDs, Horns, side stands, pedals and reflectors are the accessories provided complimentary with the product, free of cost. They are not covered under warranty and you can not return the entire Product if these accessories are damaged. No replacement will be provided at any later stage.

Criteria for Entertaining Warranty, Refund, and Replacement Requests:
a. In the following use cases, the company will not entertain warranty/refund/replacement requests.
I. Poor/ improper use
II. Faults arising from poor / no maintenance: if the product is not cared for in accordance with the Care and Maintenance guidelines on our website
III. Use on illegal areas
IV. Used for illegal purposes
V. Used by a rider which is not recommended for its use
VI. Used in water, rain or puddles
VII. Water Ingress
VIII. Repairing or maintenance from other than us
IX. Opening the compartment, remote or other sealed which were otherwise not supposed to be opened
X. Charging with any other method or charger, other than recommended
XI. Over Charging
XII. Fault occurring due to addition, removal or modification of parts, functions or app
XIII. Modification/ changing /tampering with the factory setting on the display meter.
XIV. Normal depletion of consumable parts, like battery
XV. Faults arising due to customer’s fault
XVI. Accidents/ damage.
XVII. Pending invoices not cleared within 15 days
b. Keeping the product in operational/working condition is solely the customer’s responsibility. The products need regular maintenance. The warranty doesn’t cover consumable parts such as
I. Punctures and damage to the tyre, rim and spokes
II. Brake assembly including all related parts
III. Crankset, Pedals, chain, gears, derailleur and all related parts
IV. Damage to the chain set and pedal crank while inserting the pedals
V. Suspension and related parts
VI. Any other fault arising from poor / no maintenance or due to wear and tear
c. The size chart, dimensions and specifications of all the products are clearly mentioned on our website. It is the customer’s responsibility to fully understand these specifications.
d. Accepting the return of products which don’t suit you due to size, weight, specifications etc is the sole discretion of the company. It may incur two-way shipping cost. A further depreciation charge (minimum 25% of the total value) will also apply if the product has been used.
e. The range for each e-bike is measured under ideal circumstances. It may vary according to environment, terrain, weather, rider’s weight etc. The product can not be returned for a “low Battery Performance”, as the battery ratings are clearly mentioned. In such a case, a new battery will be offered.
f. The products are tested for IP65 level of water resistance. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep them secure, away from water ingress, and extremely humid or steam.
g. The range provided is calculated in ideal situations. In extreme weather or certain circumstances, this may be reduced up to 50%. Replacement will not be provided in such a situation. Please email the company immediately if you face such issues for further support.
h. The customers are required to keep the product box / original packaging for at least 6 months. Extra boxes (for Bikes) can be provided for a cost of £89.00.
i. The customer is responsible for two-way shipping charges incurred for the return of an unwanted item/returned item.
j. The warranty is non-transferable. We will need the original invoice and or order number of (e movement only, not other retailers)) to proceed further.
k. E movement reserves the right to not respond to or reject any warranty, replacement, or service request if the requirements above are not met.
l. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from the Company or through the Service or in connection with the Products will create any warranty not expressly stated herein.

The Warranty Process:
a. What the Customer Must Do. In the unlikely event that an item is faulty, you may return it for repair within the period of warranty. If the item when received is faulty, notify us within 7 days along with details for swapping with a new product.
b. Note that:
I. The item must be unused, in its original condition and suitable for resale. The items must be in an “as new” condition and in the original packaging including labels, stickers, additional accessories etc.
II. If reasonable care is not taken about the item prior to our receipt, resulting in damage or deterioration of the goods or packaging, then a charge will be applied for the reduction in value.
III. The item must be accompanied by the invoice with details of the reason for the return stated. You are responsible for the item until it reaches us; we, therefore, suggest that you use a secure professional method of delivery e.g. signed delivery.
IV. The faulty/damaged return collections will be free of charge.
V. Missed collections are charged at £50.00 so please ensure you are available on the day that the collection is booked for.
VI. The shipping for warranty purposes is the responsibility of the customer. The Company is not responsible for providing replacement products during the repair/replacement period, which may take up to 14 working days.
VII. Remember, all packaging must be undamaged so please do not tape up packaging or write on it as this will make it unacceptable, this particularly applies to any boxed item, the box must not be used as external packaging.
VIII. It is the customer’s responsibility to securely pack the product when dispatching it to us. The customer has to ensure that all items are kept in the box before sending them for return, and any damages/ loss / missing items will be borne by the customer.
IX. The items must be properly and securely packed before returning the product for any reason. Small items, like keys / quick release etc MUST NOT BE kept loose in the box. In case something is lost or damaged due to improper or loose packaging, the customer will be liable to pay the cost.
X. The company takes full care of the health and safety of its employees. Any item returned for any reason MUST BE thoroughly cleaned before they are being collected. In case of failure, the company will charge £49.99 as washing/ cleaning charges for each product.
c. Defects During Warranty Period. If a defect arises during the Warranty Period, the Company will, at its option,
I. repair the affected Products at no charge using new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or
II. exchange the affected Products with functionally equivalent Products that are new or formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability or, with your consent, Products that are at least functionally equivalent to the Products it replaces; or
III. Refund the original purchase price for the affected Products.
d. If No Fault Arises. After testing, if a returned item is found not to have any manufacturing faults or the fault mentioned for warranty purposes, then the customer will be responsible for paying the return delivery cost along with the full price of the replacement product if that has already been shipped to them.
e. Return Postage costs. We are not able to refund the cost of postage (both the original delivery charge and return postage) unless the item is faulty in the first 30 days. If you would like to request reimbursement for postage applied to any incorrectly advertised, damaged or faulty items then just get in touch with us via email. For faulty items, we will either arrange for a courier to collect the item from you at our cost, provide you with a prepaid returns label or reimburse you with the shipping cost, if paid by you.

23. Abusive Behaviour:
a. Abusive behaviour can take many forms. It can include being violent or aggressive, making threats, controlling someone’s behaviour, putting them down, verbal abuse, taking or keeping money from them and putting pressure on someone to do things they don’t feel comfortable with.
b. emovement has all the rights to decline any type of service, if you have involved yourself in abusive behaviour, irrespective of your position. E movement may report the incident to concerned authorities at their own discretion.


E-Movement bikes will be delivered fully assembled within 2-4 days.

Care is taken to ensure its safe delivery, but please inspect it upon arrival for any scratches or imperfections, as shipping is insured.

Why Choose This Product?

Whether you're commuting, adventuring or both - owning an electric bike doesn't have to cost you a fortune. With a durable design and high quality components used, the savings will continue to come, mile after mile. Invest in a greener future, today!

What are the benefits of owning an e-Bike?

Environmentally Friendly:
e-Bikes produce zero emissions during operation, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles. By choosing an e-Bike, you contribute to reducing air pollution and carbon footprint.

Compared to owning a car or using public transportation, e-Bikes are much more cost-effective. You save on fuel, parking fees, insurance, and maintenance expenses. The initial investment in an e-Bike pays off in the long run through reduced commuting costs.

Health and Fitness:
Riding an e-Bike provides an excellent form of low-impact exercise. While the motor assists you in pedalling, you still get to enjoy physical activity, improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness. Plus, it's a fun way to stay active without putting excessive strain on joints.

e-Bikes offer the convenience of faster travel compared to traditional bicycles, especially uphill or over long distances. They enable you to cover more ground with less effort, making commuting and running errands quicker and more efficient.

With an e-Bike, you have the flexibility to choose your route and avoid traffic congestion. You can take shortcuts through bike lanes, paths, or trails that are inaccessible to cars, making your commute more enjoyable and stress-free.

e-Bikes make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. The electric assist feature allows individuals with physical limitations or those recovering from injuries to still enjoy cycling and reap its benefits.

Community and Connectivity:
Riding an e-Bike encourages community engagement and social interaction. You can join group rides, cycling clubs, or meet fellow e-Bike enthusiasts, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Reduced Stress:
Cycling, in general, is known to reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being. The combination of fresh air, physical activity, and the freedom of movement offered by e-Bikes can help alleviate stress and promote a positive mindset.

Parking and Storage:
e-Bikes take up significantly less space than cars, making parking and storage much easier. You can park your e-Bike almost anywhere, whether it's at a designated bike rack, in your garage, or even indoors, saving you time and hassle.

Fun and Enjoyment:
Last but not least, riding an e-Bike is simply enjoyable! Whether you're commuting to work, exploring scenic routes, or embarking on weekend adventures, e-Bikes offer a sense of freedom, excitement, and joy that enhances your overall quality of life.

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